Donations In Kind is a specialist operation that focuses on recycling goods with 85% of the goods processed being redeployed and only 4% discarded.  The DIK operation saves most of the goods received from being destroyed or tipped to landfill.

While building a structure to help people overseas, Rotarians have also created a significant national recycling operation that is the one of the most cost-effective in Australia. Rotary operates in 214 countries, allowing local and overseas Rotary clubs to identify where the greatest needs are and to match these with the goods available in Australia. Without these connections and information, goods could go to landfill for the simple reason that no one knew who to give them to.

Donations In Kind is Rotary’s principal recycling project with goods donated by the community and corporate sector distributed through Rotary Clubs and given to those in need wherever they are located.

The Donations In Kind Stores have additional capacity to collect, process and distribute more material and to help more people deserving of our support, limited only by access to goods and funding for transportation.

Everyone can be involved in recycling. If you want to be part of a team that reduces waste and changes lives, please contact DIK by EMAIL